Ekosolve™️ Lithium Extraction

Recharge Resources and Ekosolve Technology

Recharge Resources is committed to the process of timely, competitive cost, environmentally sensitive extraction practices. Utilizing Ekosolve™ Technology, this revolutionary process based on well known solvent exchange principles reduces capital and operations costs and accelerates project start up, avoiding 12-18 months of pond construction and evaporation. Recharge has a Argentina wide licence for the utilization of Ekosolve™ technology which is currently contemplated for the company’s Pocitos 1 Project.
With high recoveries of lithium from brines, this process produces battery grade lithium carbonate. Ekosolve™ circumvents problems of brine contaminants being expensive and difficult to remove, particularly magnesium. Ekosolve™ involves four simple stages over three hours to produce lithium chloride which when sodium carbonate is added produces battery grade lithium carbonate.


  • No ponds required – saving $100m in capex
  • Three hour residence time – 8 cycles every 24 hours – 99.5% purity Li2CO3
  • High Battery grade lithium produced – no further processing needed
  • 95% recovery of Solvent Extraction chemicals – reduction in opex
  • Process patented by University of Melbourne and Ekos Research – low patent cost as a percentage of revenue
  • Fast construction time –modular construction – small footprint
  • Minimal water use – brines sent back to salar with lithium extracted, no pollution
Multi Phase Plant contemplated for the Pocitos 1 Project with the goal of producing 20,000 tonnes annually. 

Ekosolve Process

Recharge Resources in Agreement to Build 20,000 Tonne Ekosolve Lithium Extraction Plant at Pocitos.