The Brussels Creek Project is an exploration stage project located in the Kamloops Mining District, British Columbia, Canada, about 24 km west of Kamloops, BC. Mineral tenure consists of 66 cells, covering approximately 13.5 km2.


From 1969 to 2001, exploration was carried out by a variety of companies on various parts of the property. Of particular note, in 1983 and 1984, AVF Minerals Ltd. staked three claims (Aduf 1, Aduf 2 and Aduf 3 fractions, 4 units) covering approximately 85 ha. The company then conducted a program of general prospecting, establishment of a field grid, geological mapping of 100 ha at a scale of 1:2000 and rock chip geochemistry. Seventy-three representative samples of outcrop materials were assayed for gold, silver and arsenic. Results from this program were encouraging and led to the current interest. In 2019, the area was again staked by David Pollard on behalf of the ADUF Mining Syndicate. No significant field work was carried out in 2019, although a third party took seven representative samples during a site visit in September 2019.

In February 2020, the property was optioned to Syber Mining Corp. who subsequently assigned their interest to Recharge Resources. In March 2020, a helicopter-borne magnetometer survey was completed. This was followed in September 2020 with a LiDAR and Orthophotography survey. A short prospecting and mapping program was completed in November 2020.


The property is located in the Kamloops Mining Division, centred at latitude 50° 42’ 46”N. longitude 120° 39’ 24”W. The elevation is approximately 500 m asl. The claims are located approximately 10 km west of the currently producing New Afton Mines (New Gold Inc) and exhibit a similar geological setting. The property is located on the south side of the Thompson River valley and Kamloops Lake. The Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 1, runs through the northern part of the project. Access throughout the property is by means of dirt roads along an oil pipeline and an electrical transmission line.

Recent Work & Findings

In March 2020, a helicopter-borne magnetometer survey was completed by Precision GeoSurveys Inc, of Langley, BC. The survey coverage totalled 402.651 line-kilometres. An interpretation report was completed in April 2020 by Kit Campbell of Campbell and Walker Geophysics Ltd, North Vancouver, BC (Campbell, 2020).

The magnetic survey has provided valuable structural and geological information. A suite of filters and derivatives have been applied to the aeromagnetic gridded data, followed by a multiscale edge detection and automated grid “fractal” analysis to identify regions prospective for gold mineralization based on structural complexity as inferred from magnetics being indicative of significant faults/shears.

The 2020 detailed survey specifically flown for this project was merged with two previous Federal Government surveys (Iron Mask and Kamloops, both now in the public domain) in order to provide better context for the Brussels Creek property to the regional geology.

Enhanced filters for geological mapping were applied to the magnetic data of the merged surveys with the results aiding in the interpretation of the magnetized lithologies, segregating anomalous zones into apparent lithological categories.