Recharge Resources is currently looking to identify, explore, and develop complementary battery metals technologies via open-source applications to improve the world and meet growing demand. With industry experts across the supply chain, Recharge Resources is uniquely positioned to acquire mining properties to produce the battery materials required to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles.

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As a diversified battery metals company Recharge Resources focuses on all 3 elements of battery metals, not just one, including lithium, nickel, cobalt. As each element works in tandem with another to power lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), Recharge Resources believes it is imperative to optimize each area of the battery metals sector.


Our company’s assets are located in stable mining-friendly jurisdictions with a strong potential for growth. Recharge Resources is led by an experienced team focused on advancing our assets to develop battery metal resources in North America and beyond.


Battery metal prices have recovered strongly throughout the first half of 2021. Total annual demand for batteries in 2030 is now 35% higher than originally forecasted in 2020. This shift can be attributed to the increase in demand for passenger electric vehicles, according to BloombergNEF Analysts. 


Green, renewable energy is the key to a more sustainable future. Driven by the electrifying race to meet the increasing demand of battery powered vehicles, Recharge Resources is dedicated to meet the needs of this rapidly growing market.

Supply and Demand

Global demand is forecasted to jump to 185 kt for lithium, 90 kt for cobalt and 925 kt for nickel within the next 20 years.
Lithium is forecasted to have sufficient supply until at least 2025 but hydroxide will face a shortage by 2027 as demand for nickel surges. Lithium prices continued to rise in 2021 due to the restraint in supply as a result of the pandemic and the higher demand recorded in China and Europe. Lithium prices have climbed 71% for carbonate, 91% for hydroxide and 58% for spodumene concentrate. BloombergNEF expects all prices to continue their rally but gradually plateau as more supply comes online in 2021-2022.

The nickel sulphate market is forecasted to remain in balance in the short term despite the expected demand in the next 5 years. Domestic demand in China was relatively low as some automakers shifted to Lithium iron phosphate chemistries. This will have limited impact in the adoption of nickel-rich battery cathode chemistries, and as such, the nickel sulfate market balance may slip into a 128,000 metric ton deficit as early as 2024.

Cobalt prices are forecasted to hold as the metal prices rose by 42% during the first half of 2021 on the London Metals Exchange. In March, cobalt rose to $53,000 per ton, it’s highest price since March 2018 and 15% above the five-year average. The cobalt metal price could average $45,000 per ton year-end 2021. With the market projected to be relatively in surplus throughout the decade, BloombergNEF expects prices will hold at an average of $44,000 per ton up to 2025.

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